Gravel RallySprint on Saturday the 16th March Mundaring

The LCC is running a Gravel RallySprint on Saturday the 16th March in Mundaring.

Event Details

When: Saturday 16th of March

Where: Forests of Mundaring

Status: CAMS Multi Club S2 Rallysprint

Surface: Gravel

Roads: In very good condition

Competitive distance: Min 32km comprising of 2 x 8km stages run twice

Cost: $250

Supp Regs: Final regulations

Entries: Closed

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  1. Q: Do I need a roll cage? A: Yes, you need a CAMS approved full roll cage, seats and race harnesses (effectively a log booked rally car)
  2. Q: What CAMS License do I need? A: Both driver & co-driver require Clubman Rally or National Rally Junior (or higher) licenses and CAMS affiliated car club memberships.
  3. Q: Why do I need a rally car and full licenses when other rally sprints don’t? A: It is a CAMS requirement for S2 Rallysprints. You can click here to read the CAMS Rallysprint standing regulations.
  4. Q: Do my harnesses need to be in date? A: Yes, normal rally standards apply
  5. Q: Do I need a fire extinguisher? A: Yes, fire extinguishers need to comply with normal rally standards and be in date.
  6. Q: Why is the entry cheaper than a rally? A: CAMS fees and other associated costs for State Championship rallies are more expensive so entry fees are higher.
  7.  Q: Is this event using the same roads as the 2017 Safari rally? A: No, the rallysprint is using completely different roads which are in very good condition.
  8.  Q: Is there food available at the event? A: Food is not available at the event, the nearest place for food is Chidlow.
  9.  Q: Is there public spectating? A: No sorry. Due to the area being used and the conditions placed on us by the DBCA, there is no public spectating.
  10.  Q: Is this a pace noted event? A: Not exactly. This is a road book event, however we are allowing a sighting lap of each stage.