About Us

The Light Car Club of WA Inc, who are we?

The Light Car Club of WA (LCC) has a proud heritage spanning more than five decades. Founded in 1965, the club has inseparable links to Motorsport, predominantly rallying.

Based out of the club’s own rooms in Moojebing St Bayswater, the LCC has a strong membership with a widely varied age group. Some members have been with the club since it’s formation. Many members join to participate in Motorsport, and have stayed with the club for it’s social atmosphere and the many friends they have made along the way.

The LCC also has a commitment to youth involvement in the club and Motorsport in general. The club is aligned with several youth groups to encourage participation in Motorsport. All members have the opportunity to learn driving skills and compete in a controlled environment.

The Light Car Club is affiliated with the Motorsport Australia formerly  Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS). Motorsport Australia is the regulating body for Motorsport in Australia and all LCC events are run under Motorsport Australia regulations.

Of course the club is open to members of any age although there is a minimum age limit set by Motorsport Australia for some competition events. Family participation is actively encouraged and many adults find their kids enjoy club membership as much as themselves.

The LCC runs many events during the year, due to it’s links with rallying most of the events are run on loose surfaces, although some are on tarmac.

2021 Committee

What kind of events do we run?
Navigational Events (tarmac)
Touring Events (tarmac)

With the exception of Rallies, competitors do not need specially prepared vehicles or specialised safety equipment to compete.

On the social side, we also organise the following:
Social Dinners
Train/coach tours
Just to name a few.

The club holds meetings on the  fourth Wednesday of each month (from 7:00pm) at it’s rooms, Moojebing St Bayswater. New members and interested people are always welcome.

There are several benefits available to Light Car Club members, to find out more about the club or club events, please feel free to contact us or attend a meeting.