LCC Club Torque – October 2019

Presidents Report

It’s welcome to spring time as we head towards the end of the year. We have completed a very successful Darling 200 in September and congratulations must go to Wendy and her team for a fantastic event. Of note is the first time in living memory (At least my memory) that there were no accidents and any retirements were due to mechanical failure. 

The roads were some of the best for years and held up very well. This could be in part due to their being more moisture in the soil as the event was run earlier in the year. It is expected that the dates for next year for this event will be similar. 

Once again the Darling 200 was a road book event, this format being the only road book event on the State Championship Rally calendar. Given that there were no incidents on this event there has been a suggestion that a road book event can be a safer event with participants being more cautious as they approach the stages with speeds and commitment to corners lessened to accommodate the nature of a ‘blind’ rally. 

For some competitors there is a preference for these types of events however for others a full recce of the roads and the writing of their own road book is the best way to compete. I am reminded that prior to the commencement of Rally Australia in 1988 Road Book rallies were the norm not the exception and that is just how rallies operated. Therefore given the time and cost of setting up and participating in Rallying in the current climate is it just a matter of time before we revert to Road Book only events. For the Darling 200 at least this seems to be the future. 

On other matters the Committee has agreed to hold our next Khanacross at Beverley in conjunction with BORMSA. Many years ago we hired the venue for our own events however this time we will share the facilities on the day with the BORSMA members. 

It has been many years since we attended this venue and it makes sense to share a facility with another club. It will be a fun day out and I would encourage our members to drag out something you have had sitting about in your shed and come up to Beverley for the day to see if we can beat the BORSMA members on their own track. 

For those that can remember last year 2018 was the 50th anniversary of the London to Sydney Marathon won by Andrew Cowan in a Hillman Hunter. To commemorate the anniversary of this event a book was released written by an Australian journalist who travelled with the event in its entirety. 

I recently bought a copy of the book and have thoroughly enjoyed the description of the event, the stages and the behaviour of the competitors. Of note are the logistical and operational requirements to actually run and make the event a success. Regardless of whom won, Rallying was the winner as the event more than any other of the time captured the imagination of the motoring public from a variety of countries and continents. 

Whilst these type of events will never be replicated in today’s world there appears to be a residual interest in longer style rallies other than what is currently offered. 

In Australia for example the Alpine Rally in New South Wales has attracted a large field every time the event is held. Last year a number of West Australians made the arduous journey and travelled East to participate in one of Australia’s longest Rallies. It was a very wet event last year and despite the conditions the event was well received by all participants with some planning to forego future events to attend the Alpine. 

The appetite for longer and more simple road book events could be in part the mix of events in the Rallying calendar in the future. 

Hopefully see some of you at Beverley later this month. 


Geoff L-H

Club Championship

Next event – Twilight Khanacross 19th October

Then tentatively 3rd November – final 2019 LCC Khanacross at a new venue

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10th November 2019 – Scaletrix

2019 AGM & Club Presentation

The 2019 LCC AGM and Presentation will be held on Sunday 1st of December.

The election of 2020 LCC Office bearers will be held. All positions will be available. The nomination form can be found here, please ensure completed and accepted nomination forms are returned by: 3rd November 2019.

2020 RALLYWA Season

(Taken from the RALLYWA Facebook page)
With the 2019 season coming to a close, we have started work on a very exciting 2020 season. 

2020 will hopefully start with a short event in March, details will be announced very soon, so stay tuned. If it happens, we will have a 7 round championship. 

Wendy Walker has put her hand up for a break and Richard Delfos has done the same. With the new event, we will need four new or replacement Clerks of Courses.

Anne & Andrew Percival have put up their hand to do the Boddington Safari, which is moving from the Long Weekend to 13 June.

We need to train new people to help out, NO Experience is required, just passion and a willingness to enjoy success. We can teach passionate people the job, but we can’t teach the job to non-passionate people. If you think it can’t be done, John Gibbons is now a Clerk of Course of an Australian Rally Championship and only a few years ago he was a spectator. 

If you don’t have the correct CAMS Licence, an experienced Clerk of Course will be next to you at the event being your mentor. 

RallyWA has some very good procedures in place, awesome Team Leaders on events and throughout the sport and many officials with heaps of experience. We have a Timeline for events to use to ensure they stay on track through the year.

The satisfaction at the end of organising an event makes it all worthwhile.

YES we need to train up new officials in these areas as well. Once again there are plenty of experience in the sport to help anyone willing to take on the roles.

For those willing to take the leap forward, we will run a training day at a convenient time later this year. We can get all the experienced people to come along and help you get started.

To show your interest, please email or call Ross on 0418 950 022

Ross Tapper 
WA Rally Advisory Panel