LCC Club Torque – Jun 2019

Presidents Report

Hello LCC members. It has been some months since our last Club Torque and indeed our last event however in the background the Committee have been busy following up on a few issues and planning for the future. 

One proposal that has gathered some momentum over the last few months is the need to find a suitable venue closer to the metropolitan area from which to run motorkhanas, khanacross and possibly Rally Sprints. This has been discussed at the Committee level for a number of years and whilst we have been grateful for the provision of a venue at ‘Karl’s Farm it is time to explore other options. 

One such option is to be found just outside Toodyay on some land a local and sympathetic local has shown us a portion of a paddock that on first appearance is suitable for our needs. Our next Khanacross is being run at this venue on the 23rd of June.

As usual we will need a firm commitment from a team of volunteers from the club in the setting up and running of this event. . 

This brings me to the regular request to make yourselves available to help out. It is a continual struggle to find members to assist in the setting up and operation of events. My question is why. The majority of workload will be undertaken by the Clerk of Course and the Secretariat along with all committee members. In order to run the event we need the broader club membership to engage and get involved. 

Please do not wait to be called pick up the phone and let us know of your availability. The club and competitors really appreciate you involvement. Surely in part this is what belonging to a club is all about. 

If there is anything that has awakened a response to any of the matters that I have raised this month please don’t hesitate to give me a call and we can have a chat on any issues that are on your mind.

John O’Dowd on his way to victory

The Better Value Tyre Safari Rally 2019 has just been successfully run. I wish to thank Wendy and her team for pulling this event together. We need to also thank the event sponsors Better Value Tyres, Tony Flood Motorsport, Modern Motor Trimers, Boddington Motel, True Blue Alarms, BP Boddington, PF Olsens and the Shire of Boddington.

Kelly Thomas – LCC Junior


Geoff Leatt-Hayter 

President LCC

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