LCC Club Torque – July 2019

Presidents Report

Hello LCC members. I have been away up North in the Kimberley’s enjoying the sun and the warmer weather over the last month. Whilst I have missed some of the rain in June there is still some cold wet weather around and no doubt more rain on the way. 

Whilst I was away the club conducted the first event at our new venue near Toodyay. It was a very wet and muddy event by all accounts however it was also very enjoyable day with only a few competitors getting stuck. Congratulations to the winners and also a big thankyou to Alan Bird for organising the event and to Wendy for organising lunch for everyone. I look forward to the next event when I can get my car out of the shed and have a go. 

Commitments in Perth resulted in me being unable to get to the Kirup Rally held last weekend however I have heard it was also another wet and muddy event. Again congratulations to the winners and competitors who completed the Rally. 

Having of late enjoyed the warmer weather up North and now suffering through the colder months I am convinced of which climate I prefer to live in. However the very nature of Rallying in the bush forces us to endure hardships and suffering in pursuit of our sport. 

Unlike circuit racing there are no warm or shaded grandstands or covered Pit area to take shelter or work on our cars. I can recall some hot events where the dust, sweat and heat is oozing out of my helmet at the end of a stage and it is impossible to know where the road goes. At other wet events my feet are damp and cold in my racing boots and the windows all fogged up making it impossible to see. Being stuck on the side of the road being harassed by flies or trying to stay dry in the rain grateful that you can share your co-drivers poncho. This is the nature of our sport. It is not always pretty or comfortable out there. This hardship however often disappears when reflecting on the event an in particular the quality of the roads and the pure joy of driving a Rally car fast on a good section of road. 

Whilst we ponder the nature and hardship of our sport I may reflect upon the good fortune of circuit racers. 

Over the last few years significant Government monies have been spent on upgrading the circuit facilities at Wanneroo and at Collie for competitors and spectators. The Government appears to see this as monies well spent. Where therefore is the commitment to rallying and how does this translate into dollars and cents. 

Well let me tell you having been involved in the process of meeting with various Departmental representatives over the last two years there is no money coming our way. Whilst they are supportive and allowing Rallying to use some roads there is no commitment to provide funding at any level to maintain roads that we use once a year. In fact it is our responsibilities to pay for maintenance and repairs to roads we seldom use. 

I do acknowledge that it is complex matter as it involves a number of stakeholders and essentially the roads are not owned, controlled or managed by a motor sport entity however there must be a 

way that funding can trickle into our sport to improve our primary facility we need that being our roads. 

As of yet there has been no real commitment from the Government to address this matter which has been debated and discussed for a number of years. There must be a way to get the Government on board with this issue. We just haven’t worked out how yet. 


Geoff L-H

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Next Event – LCC Khanacross, Toodyay, 4th August

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Sunday July 14th – Breakfast at Jinjarra

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