2014 Gum Nut Rally- event details

Gum_nutThe Annual LCC Gum Nut Rally is on again on Sunday the 31st of August. This event proves very popular with all ages. Come along and enjoy a good fun day out, collecting clues along the way.


This social event is part of the LCC championship however it is not timed. The winner will be the team who gets the most points, not completes the event the fastest.


Entries Close: 27th August 2014 (phone entries will be accepted)

Start: Light Car Club rooms Moojebing St Bayswater WA

Documentation: 31st August 2014. 9:00am at the start location

Event Start: 31st August 2014. 9:30am

Cost: $20 per car

Bring along a picnic, where we can sit, socialise and have a laugh about the funny stories of the day.

The event will be run on public roads around Perth, a street directory may be of assistance.

Hint: A camera or device that takes photo’s could be useful.

At least one member of each team must be a member of the LCC. (One off day memberships are available if required)

Come along and enjoy a good family fun day out.

You can confirm an entry by contacting us or calling Karen: Zero 417 Nine 88 Three 16