Thanks for 2017

A huge Thank You to all for 2017.

Competitors, members, officials and organisers.

This year we ran five club championship events and three state championship rallies. Not to forget the regular club meetings and special forums as well. It was a big year with a lot of blood sweat and tears.

Club winners

Club competition champion: Dave T

Club junior champion: Kelly T

Ladies Champion: Tiana C

Club Champion: Karl D

Life Membership: Andrew P

Of particular thanks are our event directors and committee:

Neil T (president and Safari Clerk of Course), Wendy W (VP and Boddington/Darling 200 Clerk of Course), Paul D, Dannielle T (Secretary and stand in treasurer for 3 months), Neal J, Ann P, Andrew P, Geoff LH, Karl D and Rohan K (clerk of course Khanacross 3).

These people have got up early and stayed up late. Braved the weather, dealt with various authorities and attended many meetings. They have given their free time willingly for the good of the club and its members.