RallyWA Forum

The WA Rally Advisory Panel will be holding an Open Forum to bring competitors (and others) up to date with what is happening in rallying within WA beyond 2017. We welcome all (competitors, officials, etc), for an evening of discussion re our current challenges and the direction we are heading.


Wednesday 22 November 7.00pm


LCC Clubrooms

Agenda Items

1. 2018 WARAP Nominations for Panel
a. WA Representation on ARCom
2. WARAP Transparency – what information do competitors and officials want from WARAP
3. 2018 Calendar 
a. Update on changes to events for 2018
4. 2019 onwards calendar – sub-committee
5. 2017 End of Season Presentation – where and what format should it take.
a. Official of the Year & Young Official of the Year Nominations
6. Event Trophy Presentations – feedback on how best to do these
7. Update on WARAP Bank Balances
8. Update on Front Head Restraints requirements for Clubman Cup
9. Discussion re RallySafe – should it be mandatory at all levels, if not at what level?
10. Road Repairs and Fees, our relationship with DBCA (was DPaW) and FPC
a. Professional Pacenotes made available for a discount on Road Fees?
b. No Wheel Spin Rule – should we bring it in
11. AED (Heart Defibrillator) in Results Van
12. Assisting Rallies in WA (See 2017 CWARCS: Section K)
13. 30th Anniversary Rally Australia
Ask Us Anything – please send through any items for the Agenda. We may not have time in General Business for Topics not sent through RSVP to bookings@rallywa.com Ross