MRF Tyres Boddington Rally 2016

Boddington_Rally_2016Finally.. Time to sit and reflect to be thankful in so many ways. An event involves many people, to organise , time away from families and all volunteer their time to help us create what has been a great event with a lot of positives.

First, here’s the video!

Behind the scenes the worker bees, Adrian Stafford and Andy van kann for the road book, John Thorburn for all things to do with course. Ann Percival for all things admin. These wonderful people too have put in hours of work: Karen Russell, Trish & Paul Dean, Karl Drummond & Ray Russell.  Then SOS, stage teams, road closures, Rally base, CRO, Rally safe Sam, Christian Ball, Course cars , Kim van Kuele, Results ( who are still working while we start to wind down) and the list goes on..

Also our sponsors both RallyWA and event: MRF Tyres, Lush car wash & cafe, Modern motor trimmers, Showtime limousines, BP Boddington, Simon’s Market cafe, the Lions Club, the Shire of Boddington and a big thanks to PF Olsen for the use of their plantations.

I did a road audit with the plantation manager Friday and he was very impressed with professionalism of our sport . He was blown away with the preparation and hours we spent Friday and Saturday.

Butch spent all day Sunday at the spectator points taking photos, even trimming some vegetation so others could see. He told me that several people said he would get in trouble for breaking trees and clearing. He laughed and said “I can do what I like”.
He is very happy to recommend we continue in the area!

So .. More thanks  to competitors ( for the show) and spectators for good behaviour.
That’s it from me.., clerk of course MRF Tyres Boddington rally 2016.