Motorkhana 21st Feb 2016

The LCC championship will kick off on Sunday the 21st of February with a Motorkhana.

Run on a loose surface in an open area, this event is perfect for everyone from beginners who have never driven a car before to experienced racers who want their first taste of Motorsport for 2016.

Motorkhana_gravel_eventThe Motorkhana tests are set out around traffic cones with the objective to get around the courses in the shortest amount of time in the correct direction without knocking over a cone.

Juniors from as young as 12 years old may compete and up to three drivers may share the same car, which is a bonus for families wanting to race together. Adults may also accompany junior drivers to assist during the tests.

What you need to compete:

  • Car Club Membership
  • CAMS L2NS or higher license
  • Car (road registered car is fine or unlicensed car may be used)
  • Junior drivers and adult passengers must wear an approve helmet

Need a Club Membership and/or CAMS License? Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Motorkhanas are great fun and the entry fee is only $30/driver.

Click Here to download the Supp Regs and Entry form