Motorkhana 21st of Feb

LCC_MotorkhanaThe LCC championship kicked off on a late Feb Sunday toward the end of summer.

Using the Foster’s farm in Boddington, competitors came  to blow out the cobwebs and get the season started. Originally we had ten entries for the Motorkhana, however two had to withdraw before they could start, leaving eight drivers to hit the dirt.

Clerk of Course Neal Johnson picked eight tests from the Motorkhana book, with a reserve four in case he needed more. When we’d completed the first eight tests before lunch, everyone was happy with another quartet to finish the day off.

Many of the drivers were new or relatively new to motorsport so the event was a great way to get started in an open area with the major obstacles nothing more than traffic cones. The toughest challenge for the day was the dust from the dry summer. Even with a breeze, occasionally some drivers got caught in their own dust and had to stop long enough to see where they were going.

Neal had also picked a few tests with a reversing component which added an extra dimension to further tax driving skills.Motorkhana_test_ready_to_start

Whilst there were a few wrong ways and the odd cone knocked over, the day was very competitive and everyone enjoyed themselves. The good news was that everyone also had a top ten finish too!

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