LCC Championship Round 1 & 2 Khanacrosses

The first two LCC championship events for 2017 have had compact fields. The first twilight Khanacross run in March had 8 entries and the second event in mid June had 10.

Whilst the fields may have been small, the competition certainly wasn’t. Both rounds have been hard fought.


Dave Thomas (Ford Laser) and Craig Puzey (Toyota Corolla) have been tussling at the pointy end. Not surprising, their off spring have been leading the charge amongst the juniors. Cam Puzey taking the win in the Twilight event and Kelly Thomas taking the win at the last event. Both have the makings to follow in their fathers’ footsteps into full time rally.

Two new names entered round two. Tim Medwell brought out his Hyundai Excel rally car to get some experience behind the wheel. Simon Quinby in his single seat special also came out for a play. He later commented that Khanacross is a lot more demanding than rally sprints!

The next Khanacross is on the 30th of July. You can read more info on Khanacross here

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