Gum Nut Rally event report


Ten teams lined up for this year’s Gum Nut with a good cross section of the club’s members and age groups.

Starting at 2 minute intervals, each team moved out of the LCC car park with a large envelope containing clues, a list of items to find and a game.

Wisely most teams pulled over out of the car park and sorted through the information before setting off. The idea is to follow the clues, answer the questions and collect the items as you go along. There is no time limit, so the emphasis is to find as many answers and collect as many items as possible to score maximum points. All rather different to our normal competition events where the clock is always ticking.

It wasn’t long before some realised the challenge ahead. Often during the day it took a lap or two down some streets to find some of the answers. This year’s collection list wasn’t too difficult, however there were a few tricks. Measuring out and presenting one cup of sand wasn’t as easy as it sounded and getting a photo with one of the team members with a bride showed some lateral thinking.


The route threaded its way from Bayswater to Woodbridge with stops in most suburbs in between. Some of the clues and corresponding answers were pretty straight forward, whilst others took some patience (and leg work) to find. The game was a form of “Connect 4” Bingo where teams had to get as many lines of four on their pages as possible, however instead of using numbers, fruit symbols were used and had to be stuck on the page by competitors.

The clue sheet led teams to the finish at a nice park on the banks of the Swan River in Woodbridge. As items were presented and answer sheets handed in, organisers Karen and Kirsty had one more challenge up their sleeves. A “three legged Footkhana”. Set around cones, two members of the team had their legs lashed together before attempting a mini Motorkhana test on foot.

IMG_20140831_161636As the sheets were marked and scores tallied, the stories were shared. Everyone had a good day and there were plenty of funny moments.

The Provisional Results were out:

On their first gum nut, Rohan and Danielle jagged tenth place. Andrew and Leonie Daly finished ninth and Craig and Desley eighth. Dannielle, Ashleigh, Ian and Liam  proved collective thinking sometimes helps taking seventh and Rob, Lorrie and Britney finished sixth. Andrew, Jess, Jo and Becky cracked a top five finish in fifth behind Peter, Kaitlin and Ann in fourth. Ben, Kate, Danielle and Carol scored a podium with third and Mandy and Kerryn took second. This year’s Gum Nut was won by Karl and Shaniece.

Thanks to Karen and Kirsty who put the event on for the club and to Zach and Barry who helped keep everything running smoothly.

The next event in the LCC calendar is a Twilight Khanacross on the 20th of September.