2018 Gumnut Rally

This is a club social run, for which club competition points will be awarded.

When: 9.30 am SUNDAY 25th February 2018

Where: LCC Clubrooms Moojebing St BAYSWATER.
Start time: 10:00AM

Entries: On the day. At least one person in the car must be a LCC member. Day memberships are available $5.00. Trophies for nominated driver & co-driver only.

Cost: $20.00 per vehicle.

SOCIAL RUN through the suburbs to an unknown destination. Collecting “Gum nuts/Treasure” along the way. You will have 3 to 4 hours of Gum-nutting, during which you should have found the “unknown” destination and found the treasures to be had along the way. Then maybe some fun and games and a late lunch to finish the day. Fun with a few challenges. Up for it?

Street directory or similar may be useful.

More information available: Andrew Percival
Zero 413 Two8 28 7Seven8 or abpercival at hotmail.com