2017 Annual General Meeting

The LCC would like to provide notice of its Annual General Meeting to all members.


2017 AGM

When: Wednesday the 13th of December, starting at 7:00PM

Where: LCC rooms, Moojebing St Bayswater


Committee Elections

The AGM is also the time that the 2018 committee elections will be held.  If you wish to nominate someone (or yourself) for the 2018 committee, please complete the 2018 Nomination Form and get it to the returning officer as listed on the form. Please ensure that all nomination forms are signed by nominees.

Motion for AGM

A motion has been put forward for the AGM by Ann Percival. Please see below.



I believe the LCC should review and update its’ current LCC Constitution and By-laws.

Updates and changes should be as per the LCC minutes in regard to motions and changes that have been proposed and accepted in the manner as prescribed by the current constitution dated Aug 2009.

The 2018 LCC Committee Members, should address all issues relating to the management and procedures to ensure that they are in accordance with current practices.

The updated version to be submitted to members for their consideration and acceptance in 2018.

Upon acceptance of the updated version, it be recorded and distributed to all members who are new, or who renew their LCC membership in 2018.”

Moved Ann Percival 23rd November 2017